About Fiber Energy Products

  Fiber Energy Products AR, LLC Mountain View Div. is a manufacturer of premium wood pellet fuels made from 100% natural hardwood fibers derived from Arkansas and Missouri forest product residuals .The facility began manufacturing hardwood pellets in Arkansas in 2006, and has become one of the leading premier wood pellet manufacturers in the country.

  Fiber Energy Products AR, LLC purchased the Mountain View, AR facility, formerly (Sparkman Wood Pellets), in 2011. The plant has recently completed an upgrade, increasing its manufacturing capabilities. The Premium Wood Pellets are now produced from a special blend of hardwood combing the area’s best sawdust available. Our pellets are 100% natural hardwood with no additives or binders and contain very low ash content. These pellets burn warm, evenly, and produce long lasting consistent heat.

  All of the hardwood pellets that Fiber Energy Products manufacture for home heating will meet or exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute’s standards for Premium pellets. Fiber Energy Productsensures our quality control standards are second to none as we test our products in our own laboratory as well as an independent testing lab. By doing this we insure first quality pellets every time all the time. Fiber Energy Products screen all of our energy pellets helping to reduce and eliminate any dust or fines insuring that you get first quality pellets every time.
  Fiber Energy Products AR, LLC is a modern pelleting facility that is well maintained and managed by a seasoned group of energy and pelleting professionals. The facility was designed for simplicity, efficiency, and quality and has over 100 years experience in the pelleting industry behind its leadership, management, and design.

  The facility is a totally self contained design where as the manufacturing, warehousing and management is all onsite. The distribution is all handled directly from the facility insuring time sensitive shipping and quality transportation practices.

  Fiber Energy Products pellets are bagged onsite and shipped throughout the United States via customer transports through multiple customer distribution centers.
  Fiber Energy Products also manufactures and ships a portion of the production for bulk delivery. This product is utilized for large scale biomass boiler and burner heating units utilized in animal confinement feeding operations, power plants, commercial building heating and the dedicated biomass home heating user.