With the incredible absorbency rate of this product, any moisture will be absorbed by the pellets. When you clean the stall you only scoop out the moisture absorbed clumps of waste (much like you do in a cat's litter box). This means not having to empty the whole stall as we have done for years with shavings and other traditional products. 

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FEP Animal Bedding Pellets

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With proper cleaning and maintenance of stalls F E P Pine Animal Bedding Pellet offer these consumer benefits:

    - It is a 100% all natural compostable product, which is heat treated,                      Bacteria and Insect resistant, mold free.
    - Has 4% moisture leaving 96% absorbency factor reducing urine                            smells
    - Exceptional fast absorbency ratings of product makes cleaning

                      easier and cuts cleaning time in half.
    - Last up to ten times as long as conventional bedding reducing

    - Sold in 40# easy to handle recyclable plastic bags taking up less                          storage space.
    - Cost effective, one bag of Pine Animal Bedding Pellets is equivalent

                   to  two bags of conventional shavings.


   FEP Bedding Pellets are manufactured from 100% virgin wood fiber and begins as virgin sawdust material residuals from new lumber manufactures sizing operations.  The Pine Animal Bedding is kiln dried, screened, sized then pelleted for densification. It is specially designed to cater to the health conscious animal caregiver adding many new health benefits for the large animal. A major point of difference is this product is 100% all natural, with no added binders or smell enhancers and is not a recycled wood product component.

Since our inception of Fiber Energy Products, we have always strived to manufacture and distribute the best product with the highest quality, while maintaining one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in our industry.  F E P prides itself on customer service and innovation. Our leading edge products have added value and provided simplification to our customer’s lives.

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