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- Official Press Release -
The Josey Ranch Welcomes a New Corporate Sponsor: 
Animal Bedding Pellets by Fiber Energy Products

   The Josey Ranch works year round with great corporate sponsors from across the United States, such as Wrangler, Purina, Priefert, Big Tex, Med Vet Pharmaceuticals, Lifewave, and Circle Y Saddles. We are very proud to announce a new company that is now on that list, Fiber Energy Products.

              Why use ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS from Fiber Energy Products?

Makes cleaning easier and cuts cleaning time in half.
Reduced product use leaving the product in the stall and only removing the waste.
Heat treated, Bacteria and Insect resistant, mold free.
Last up to twice as long as conventional bedding with proper cleaning and maintenance of stalls.
Reduces urine smells in stall due to the exceptional fast absorbency ratings of product.
100% all natural compostable product.
Takes up less space required for storage than conventional bedding products.
Sold in 40lb. easy to handle recyclable plastic bags.
4% moisture leaving 96% absorbency
More cost effective than shavings as one bag of Pine Animal Bedding Pellets are equal to two bags of conventional shavings.

   Before R.E. & Martha Josey will endorse any product, it is tried, researched, and studied thoroughly for quality, while at the same time the quality, reputation, and goals of the company are examined, also. Recently at the Josey Jr. World event, the Josey’s were approached by Steve DeVoe of Mountain View, Arkansas. Steve was at the Josey Ranch to support his daughter, Hannah, competing in the event. After getting a good feel of the Josey reputation for quality, morality, taking care of their students and contestants, and how the whole ranch supported their sponsors, Steve decided he would like to have Fiber Energy Products involved. After a couple of meetings, talking to some people in the horse world who had tried FEP’s products, then trying out the actual product on the Josey Ranch, Fiber Energy Products was gladly welcomed into the Josey Family. The Fiber Energy Product we are talking about isANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS.
   Up until now, the option for horse stall bedding was limited to primarily wood shavings. Although other products have been tried throughout the industry, most of the cons outweighed the pros. Fiber Energy Products, who had been (and still are) making compressed wood pellets to burn in outdoor grills and fireplaces, turned their attention toward the equine world to make a better stall bedding product.  Fiber Energy Products’ ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS are manufactured from 100% virgin recycled wood products, beginning as virgin sawdust. The product is then kiln dried, sized, and made into pellets.
   There are many new health benefits for horses and other large animals, and unlike some other manufactured products, ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS are 100% natural, with no added binders or smell enhancers. This is NOT a recycled wood product component.
If you have any questions about ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS, just ask anyone on the Josey Ranch. Cheryl and Savoy Rosser conduct the horse sales at the Josey Ranch. When Cheryl was asked after a few days how she liked the new product, she quickly replied, “Oh, they are great. There’s not nearly as much waste. When we would clean out a stall when using shavings we would have 3 wheelbarrows full. Now we barely have one!” ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS are also found now in Martha Josey’s personal barn.
   Fiber Energy Products’ ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS is environmentally friendly, healthy for your horse, and definitely a quality product that will SAVE YOU MONEY!
If you are not planning a trip soon to the Josey Ranch, you can find Fiber Energy Products, including the ANIMAL BEDDING PELLETS at any Farm & Home store around the country. The retail cost in most locations is the same as wood shavings.
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